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The new normal

We are preparing the clinic to meet the pandemic level of infection control to ensure we can provide you with safe Podiatry treatments at the minimum risk. As a practice we have stayed up to date with all policies and procedures and these have determined the way in which we will be running the clinic, this will be the 'new normal'. We have created this document to provide some reassurance and to describe what measures have been put in place to keep you safe. We also have some expectations from you, our service users, to ensure we maintain the safest possible environment.

The clinic will have extended days and hours of practice in an attempt to allow longer break gaps to reduce patient crossover. Your appointments will be booked with a gap before you arrive and after you leave this will allow the clinic to be cleaned thoroughly and minimise any contact with other visitors in the waiting area. This will only work if everyone attends their appointment on time, lateness is not acceptable but please also avoid being too early.

We have invested in more Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) set out by the world health organisation and UK government which will be worn during every appointment until further notice. We have a screen that will act as a shield between patient and practitioner during every treatment.

It is imperative that you please read all the information before you attend your appointment.


What we do for you

  • Maintaining the safest clinic environment with stringent cleaning protocols.

  • Minimising contact between you and other visitors.

  • Staying up to date with guidelines that impact our practice and the public health.

  • Following personal lockdown measures set out by the government to minimise any unnecessary contact with the Virus.

  • Keeping the website page up to date with Covid-19 related announcements.

  • Ensuring that we are reachable by phone and email at all times for urgent care, non urgent messages will be followed up the next business day

What you do for us

  • Apply provided hand sanitising gel on your hands when you arrive and when you leave the clinic.

  • Arrive at your appointment on time. Time management for the clinic is more important than ever. If you are 10 minutes late, your appointment will be cancelled and you will incur a missed appointment fee of £20

  • If you have a face covering, whether it is a homemade cloth mask, a dust mask, or a medical mask, we require you to wear this to your appointments, the clinic can provide a mask for a surcharge in the case that you forget (pardon on exceptional circumstances).

  • If you or any members of your household display any symptoms of the Virus, or have been in contact with anyone with coronavirus in the last 2 weeks please cancel your appointment and self-isolate.

  • Keep up to date and follow personal lockdown measures, answering our covid-19 declaration at every appointment. Either written format or verbal format (which will be recorded on treatment notes).

  • If you have a foot emergency such as an ingrowing toenail, a foot problem that is causing an open area of skin or a foot lesion that is causing extreme pain then please call us so we can prioritise our caseload effectively.


Tariff Charges

With careful thought and consideration, unavoidably we have had to increase our appointment fees. This is to cover the unit cost of PPE and supplies across the board. Increased appointment breaks and business administration time will negatively affect our overall business income but we feel that we have a duty to protect ourselves and the public.

As the contactless payment limit has been increased we will be encouraging people to make card payments for their appointments, to minimise handling of cash.

Booking your next appointment

Please phone the receptionist during the hours 9am to 12pm Monday to Friday. If you have an emergency, if you feel you really cannot wait or if you have not been contacted please feel free to contact us. We will triage appointments based on your foot care requirements and offer you the best dates. At each courtesy reminder we will phone 24hours before your scheduled appointment and ask a series of covid-19 related questions. Please take time to listen to the questions carefully and answer honestly.

Our thanks

We wanted to express tremendous and heartfelt gratitude to every loyal customer who have shown patience and understanding in such a difficult time. Thank you all for continuing to support us while we care for you.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. Keep safe and positive. Looking forward to resuming services and getting back to what we Podiatrists do best, treating your foot problems, keeping you mobile and comfortable.


Best Wishes,
Stevenage Podiatry

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